Generator wiring

Our summers in Seattle sure go by fast.  Thankfully are winters are usually not that bad, temperature wise.  However, with the rain and wind, and occasional snow storm, we usually run out of power once or twice.

Did you know for an affordable price, you can enjoy electricity in your house even when the utility power is out?   With the purchase of a small portable generator and the installation of a generator inlet plug as well as a generator interlock kit in your panel it is easy.

This is the way to enjoy a power outage

This is the way to enjoy a power outage.

The beauty of this system is, with proper planning and layout, most of your house can have power.  Of course, this will not cover major loads that are not gas.  For instance an electric HVAC system instead of gas, or an electric stove instead of Gas.  Those would not be usable with the portable generator, however there are solutions for that as well.

We can help you with this solution.  We can recommend generators to purchase, and if you have your own, we can set up the power inlet box and the interlock kit so you will be good to go.

Give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.

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